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Updates on Workmen’s compensation Act in Thailand H&P Labor lawyers in Bangkok

Workmen’s Compensation Act (No2) BE.2561 (2018) was published in Royal Gazette on October 10th, 2018 and will come into effect after publication 60 days which is December 11th, 2018. The new Act allows employees from state agency as well as nonprofit organization and local staff working at embassy or international organization to enjoy better healthcare benefits.

The term “disaster” has been elaborated in this Act, giving detailed clarification, definition and characteristic of such term. In order to reduce indemnity in the disaster area as specified in Ministerial Regulation.

Previously, employees were entitled to receive compensation only 60 percent of monthly wage in case of sickness or suffering from injuries as a result of work employment where the employees are unable to work for more than 3 consecutive days. However, now employees can enjoy compensation payment for 70 percent of monthly income since the first day they are unable to work.

In the event of disablement as a result of performing work, employees will be compensated for at least 15 years. On the other hand, the compensation prescribed in the previous Act was only 15 years maximum.

In case of death or disappearance, employees’ family is entitled to compensation up to 10 years. Increased from 8 years according to the previous Act.

The new Act has increased funeral expense as prescribed in Ministerial Regulation to 100 percent of highest amount of minimum wage per day.

In additional to the above, government and private sector employees are entitled to full medical expense. As for private sector employees, this amount elevated from THB 2 million maximum.

The New Workmen’s Compensation Act (No.2) aims to enhance employee’s quality of life by providing more compensation for missed income in the event of illness or disablement caused by work. Moreover, employers are also granted less indemnity from 3 percent to 2 percent per month. In this regard, this new Act offers benefits for both employers and employees and anticipates to improve country’s economy growth.

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