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Thailand Board of Investment BOI HP Lawyers in Bangkok law firm


H&P lawyers in Thailand are fully trained to provide legal support and understand the complexities of different business sectors and the compliance with Thai law, especially with the Investment Promotion Act. With a deep knowledge and experience working with the Thailand Board of Investment, our lawyers in Thailand provides to our clients a fundamental legal assistance and guidance on designing successful applications to the Thailand Investment and incorporating BOI promoted companies in Thailand.

Nowadays Thailand Board of Investment offers promotional privileges in 8 key sectors :

(1) Agriculture and agricultural products

(2) Minerals, ceramics and basic metals

(3) Light industry

(4) Metal products, machinery and transport equipment

(5) Electronic Industry and the electrical appliances

(6) Chemicals, paper and plastics

(7) Services and public utilities

(8) Technology and Innovation Development

Tax incentives given to promoted entities by Thailand BOI can be separated into two different categories:

(i) Activity-based incentives that depend on the type of activity

(ii) Additional merit-based incentives that are provided to projects benefitting the country.

Some of the most important Tax and Non-Tax Incentives under BOI include:

+ Corporate Income Tax exemptions for a minimum of 3 years to a maximum of 8 years.

+ Exemption of Import duties on machinery

+ Exemption of import duties on raw materials used in R&D

+ Permission to bring to Thailand skilled workers and

+ Permit to own land

+ Permit to take out or remit money abroad in foreign currency


The proceeding, preparation of the applications and presentations at the Thailand Board of Investment are highly complex proceedings and we highly recommend to request for legal assistance and professional advice. H&P lawyers in Bangkok is proud to have assisted clients coming from 80 different countries and nationalities on Thailand Board of Investment, commercial law and company incorporations. In addition, our lawyers have worked directly with Thailand Board of Investment officers in Thailand and abroad to bring proactive solutions that work well for our clients investing in Thailand.

H&P lawyers have been selected lecturers with Thailand Board of Investment Executive Directors recently at:

– Thailand Banking Investment & Finance Summit 28-09-2018

– Thailand Automotive & Logistics Summit 19-05-2017

Webinar “Think Thailand for your Business and Investment Expansion” last Tuesday 27th of June 2023

Our law firm in Thailand can assist you to set up a BOI company in Thailand and obtain the incentives to lead your business to the success. As an example we refer to our recent successful application for BOI promotion for polymers.

If you require legal assistance in Thailand and advice on Thailand Board of Investment contact the corporate lawyer’s team of H&P and ask for an appointment at [email protected]

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