The area of Aerospace & Aviation Law and regulations are highly complex, even simple legal and regulations issues require the correct advice and assistance. Aviation law can be complex, even when you’re trying to accomplish is something simple as registration through the FAA, EASA. Given the complex nature of this practice area, it can be easy for an unqualified individual to make a misstep. The best form of prevention involves a consultation with an aviation expert and specialized lawyer.

Whether you are responsible for flying an airplane, providing proper maintenance or manufacturing aircraft parts, you will likely require legal and professional assistance at some point or you require a second opinion for a contract or legal and technical advice.

H&P is one of the few law firms providing support to the emerging aerospace industry in Thailand with services including:

  • Contracts, Finance, Taxation for local and foreign aviation companies including taxation, financial loans, company incorporations, Thailand Board of Investment Tax and Non-Tax incentives for aerospace, legal support to aircraft transactions, advice on obtaining IATA accreditation, insurance advice, aerospace contracts and employment.
  • Licenses, permits and approvals for Aircraft, aviation-related manufacturers, MRO, regional airlines, aircraft owners, operators and aircrafts among others.
  • Civil litigation in Aerospace and Aviation such as commercial disputes, air transport litigation, airport law, personal injuries, purchase and sale or aerospace assets and pilots claim.


In addition, our H&P experts in aerospace can also provide support in:

  • Technical Consulting by assisting companies to implement and certify aerospace standards and processes.
  • Prepare procedures and work instructions, consult on implementation of EN, AS9100, AS9102, Inspections and Documentation
  • Supporting, guidance, counselling domestic aerospace companies (adoption of Aerospace standards, promote local companies, development of laboratories)
  • Support policy making & local aerospace industry development (advice, guidance, counselling)
  • R&T Initiatives (benchmarking with foreigner stakeholders’ in best practices and know how transfer)
  • Collaborations & partnership in association with Aerospace & Aviation Universities in Thailand

H&P lawyers and experts in aerospace work tightly with CAAT (Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand), AOT (Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited), Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Finance and Thailand Board of Investment and follow up with the new regulations for the industry in Thailand.


Flying a drone in Thailand used to not be regulated but with the increase in visitors traveling to the Kingdom and using their drones, this has led to implement regulations like Thailand drone laws that need to be complied with. These laws are effective for any UAV unmanned aerial vehicle or RPA remote piloted aircraft.

H&P lawyers in Bangkok can provide a service of registration the drone in Thailand via CAAT and NBTC. The paperwork and also the process of registration can be complex and tedious in Thailand if you are not aware of the regulation. If you are a tourist or a Thai national who wants to fly your drone, our firm H&P can assist you to fly the drone legally in Thailand. H&P aviation experts and lawyers can manage the whole process of registration and insurance coverage.

If you need legal advice and support for an Aerospace project in Thailand, please contact our lawyers in Bangkok at [email protected]