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Energy and Construction lawyers in Thailand HP Lawyers in Bangkok

Following the national power development plan (PDP) for 2018-37, Thailand energy industry continues with the long and ambitious process of implementing household rooftop, floating solar farms, biomass, waste to energy and dams among many other energy projects to fit the rising demand for power generation and transmission that Thailand requires for its economic growth.

Whilst these projects will develop green energy, they still are construction projects which can and usually do present a host of problems and challenges which can lead to multiple changes, delays which in turn can lead to disputes.

The role of the lawyers in the energy sector has been decisive in the process of structuring all phases of the project, from planning to implementation and providing a legal work of monitoring and correct advice.

Thailand regulatory framework on Energy, and specially on Renewable Energy, challenged the urgent need of a highly specialized energy practice in the country with a proven legal experience in the sector not only domestically but an international one.

H&P Bangkok lawyers has been one of the key legal references in the last years due to our professional work with institutions such as international institutions such as World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB) or local government entities such as Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat), Energy Regulatory Commission.


Every construction project is unique, whether it’s an airport, a road or a water process system, not one project is the same. This is an important factor in H&P approach, a factory produces multiple volumes of products, but a construction project is a live development with its own unique features. Therefore, our ability to recognize and adapt is one of the key features of our legal services.

There are two main ways we assist in H&P to our clients in the construction sector: one is to assist the client before construction has commenced and then during the construction period to ensure that risks are correctly allocated and the contracts are written correctly to accommodate potential changes and delays. The second way is to provide contractual and commercial advice to clients when projects are suffering from multiple changes and delays. Both streams do command the need to legal and technical expertise.


Thailand is strongly committed with PPP projects and with the investment of public sector in the public sector via concessions, build and finance, design-build-finance-maintain, design-build-finance-maintain-operate and pperate and maintain schemes.

H&P understand the high complexity of infrastructure and public-private partnership transactions; therefore, we provide our clients with precise and innovative solutions for all stages of the projects. H&P lawyers in Thailand and our PPP consultant’s advice on 13 category of PPP projects including roads, railways, airports, seaports, irrigation, water management, telecommunications, energy or hospitals.

On the other hand, our lawyers have assisted many construction companies on monitoring government projects, public procurement works, tenders and public bids on infrastructure projects and we have worked providing our legal expertise on registration, follow up and preparing documents to finally win projects.

If you need legal assistance and advice on energy and construction projects, infrastructures or PPP Law in Thailand please contact our law firm in Bangkok at [email protected]

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