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The contractual aspect is a matter of high importance in any jurisdiction in the world, but specially in Thailand. Consulting with Lawyers on contracts and license, before starting doing business in Thailand, is key for any individual or business that wants to protect themselves from third parties and comply with the Law.

We refer to a wide number of agreements such as prenuptial agreements, loans, employment, non-disclosure agreements, Joint Ventures, shareholding, transfer of technology, confidentiality and many others.

In terms of licensing, it is important to comply with the Thai Law and obtain licenses for different industries such as Digital, Energy, Construction, Hospitality or Manufacturing.

Not only from the legal point of view but also from the business perspective, H&P lawyers in Thailand commitment is to shield the interests of our valued clients in all kind of scenarios providing a solid support in the long term so your business is protected in Thailand.

In the last years H&P lawyers in Bangkok advised or obtained E-Money License, Construction License, Factory License, FDA License, Recruitment License, Hotel License, Import/Export License, Digital Asset License, and School License among others.

If you want to obtain a business license or prepare complex contracts, please contact H&P lawyers in Thailand at [email protected]

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