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Licenses for hotels and restaurants HP hospitality law firm in Bangkok

According to Thai Law, there are four different types of licenses related to hotels:

– Hotel with maximum 50 rooms

– Hotel & restaurant business

– Hotel, restaurant, and seminar premises

– Hotel, restaurant, seminar premises and entertainment business.

The hotel license fee goes from 10,000 THB to 40,000 THB according to type of hotel respectively. Once the hotel license is granted, the renewal is required every five years.

According to our lawyers in Thailand, there is a misperception among foreign investors that the hotel license is a simple process when it’s not at all. In addition, H&P would like to point out that the application and obtention of hotel license involves not only local but provincial departments as well as other required licenses that might apply such as alcohol license.

In case the hotel has more than 80 rooms, your lawyers in Thailand need to check Environment Impact Assessment. If you are running a restaurant business in Thailand, it is advisable to notify the local authorities to comply with the Thai Public Health Act.

H&P Bangkok lawyers’ advice is to engage legal professionals with previous experience in hospitality who understand your business plans and visions for the short term and the long-term reducing unnecessary legal risks such as lack of a valid hotel license or other business licenses in Thailand.

In the last years, H&P worked for hospitality projects in Koh Samui, Phuket, Lipe and Bangkok among other Thai provinces.

If you need to consult with a lawyer in Thailand and obtain licenses to operate your hospitality business, please contact H&P at [email protected]

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