The Bangkok law firm H&P have worked with Thailand Board of Investment high ranking officers in different successful projects and applications in industries such as auto parts, finance, digital services, logistics, banking and manufacturing.

Firstly, regarding the Tax Incentives you can obtain under BOI, H&P lawyers in Bangkok would like to highlight these:

-Exemption/reduction of import duties on machinery.

-Reduction of import duties for raw or essential materials.

-Exemption of import duties on materials imported for R&D purposes.

-Exemption of corporate income tax on the net profit and dividends derived from the promoted activity.

-Exemption of corporate income tax on net profit and dividends derived from the promoted high technology and innovation activity.

-50% reduction of the corporate income tax.

-Double deduction from the costs of transportation, electricity and water supply.

-Additional 25 percent deduction of the cost of installation or construction of facilities.

-Exemption of import duty on raw or essential materials imported for use in production for export.

Secondly, regarding the main Non-Tax Incentives you will receive after being promoted by BOI, these are:

– 100% foreign ownership of the company

– Permit to own land

– Facilitation in bringing into Thailand skilled workers and experts to work in investment promoted activities

– Permit to take out or remit money abroad in foreign currency

If you need to discuss with our Bangkok lawyers on Tax and Non-Tax incentives under BOI in Thailand, please contact our law firm at [email protected]