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It is a fact that Immigration Law in Thailand and visas are very sensitive matters for Thais but affects all the foreigners. Hereby it is highly advisable to engage professional immigration lawyers in Thailand to find solutions and prepare visa applications for foreigners.

The maximum penalty in case of overstay are 10 years ban to enter into Thailand and fine of 20,000 THB. Nevertheless, this is not the worst legal scenario, as if an immigration officer arrest you while you are overstaying, without you surrender to the officers, then you will be sent to an Immigration Detention Center till you are expelled from Thailand.

Therefore, our Immigration lawyers in Thailand strongly advise you to comply with the Thai Immigration Law and hold a valid visa while you are in Thailand. The most relevant type of visa for foreigners in Thailand are:

Long Term Resident or LTR

Special Tourist Visa (STV)

Tourist Visa (TR)

Non-Immigrant Visa-B

Educational Visa

Non-Immigrant Visa-O or marriage visa / dependent visa

Smart Visa

Thai Elite Visa

From our Bangkok lawyer’s opinion there is not a single universal solution for everyone, and each case needs to be assessed to find the correct valid visa for a foreigner individual who intend to be in Thailand in the long-term.

If you need to talk with a Bangkok lawyer on visas and immigration law in Thailand, please contact our law firm in Bangkok at [email protected]

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