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Accountancy Tax and Payroll in Thailand H P Accountants and Lawyers in Bangkok 1

Since 2020, our accountancy, Tax and Payroll services and team working for clients in Thailand have been growing exponentially. Quite often, our clients are happy with us and trust their compliance, tax and accounting to us after we have set up the companies for them.

In addition to our legal practice in Thailand, H&P has a team of highly qualified Thai accountants to help our clients to achieve full compliance in Thailand.

Whether you are a high net worth individual, or a company incorporated in Thailand, H&P can assist you in accountancy, Tax and payroll services.  H&P Accountancy and Tax services team can understand your company stages and needs, from start-up to multinational companies and we can assist you in the following:

  • Open Bank Account in THB of Foreign Currency at Thai Banks
  • Social Security and Health Insurance registrations
  • VAT registration


H&P Accountants offer comprehensive packages of monthly accounting and tax submissions:

Monthly Accounting in Thailand

  • Withholding Tax (PND 3, 53, 54)
  • Value Added Tax (PP 30)
  • Value Added Tax-Overseas (PP 36)
  • Monthly Reports Including Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Trail Balance, and General Journal report.
  • Record accounting transactions including Account Receivable, Account Payable, Fixed Asset Registration and Reconciliation of Bank Statements

Half-year tax submissions

  • Mid-Year Tax Return (PND 51)

Annual Tax Submissions

  • Annual Tax Return (PND 50)
  • Annual Financial Statement to Thai Authorities

Payroll and Salary Calculations

  • Calculation of personal tax liability according to the company calendar
  • Preparation and issuance of payroll slips
  • Monthly tax filings (PND.1, staff withholding tax report)
  • Preparation and filing of Social Security Fund reports on a monthly and annual basis as required by Thai Law.

H&P is not only a leading law firm in Thailand, but we also provide accountancy, Tax and payroll services to our corporate clients.

If you want to discuss or engage our Thai Accountants and Tax lawyers, please contact us at [email protected]

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