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MA Mergers and acquisitions in Thailand HP Herrera and Partners

H&P lawyers understand the complexity and pressure involving M&A transactions in Thailand due to the fact that many of our lawyers come from in house legal counsel department positions at multinational companies. With the birth of ASEAN and the need to diversify political risks, we have seen many Thai companies expand overseas in the last few years and many international players come to Thailand via M&A operations.

M&A is an area of expertise of H&P lawyers in Bangkok and our M&A capabilities are focused on key sectors for Thai economy such as automotive, hospitality, pharmaceutical, digital services, aerospace and communications.

Our local experience in Thailand and our international experience in other jurisdictions such as East Europe or Malaysia bring us to operate together with an international and local point of view that is essential to completely understand the deal structures (public takeovers, distressed assets, cross border transactions, takeovers, strategic mergers, joint ventures or private purchases).

If you require legal advice on M&A please contact Mr. Jose Herrera in Thailand at [email protected]

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