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Corporate and Commercial Law HP Lawyers in Thailand

Company Incorporation

Our lawyers in Thailand are fully trained to provide legal support and understand the complexities of the different sectors and the compliance with Thai law.
With a deep understanding of the Thai Company regulatory framework, especially Thai Civil and Commercial Code, and other local legal systems, our lawyers in Thailand provides to our clients a comprehensive assistance in designing and incorporating:

Limited Company

Board of Investment or BOI promoted company

Representative office

US Treaty of Amity company

Japan Treaty of Amity company

Branch Office

Regional Office

Regional Headquarters


Export company (100% foreign owned)

Due to its flexibility, the Limited Company is the most attractive form of business entity among foreigners with business projects in Thailand. Private limited companies require at least three shareholders and there are certain limitations for foreign shareholders.

Our Bangkok lawyers will assist you to reserve the company name, file a memorandum of association, place statutory meeting, company registration, Social Insurance and VAT Registration. In other words, our lawyers in Thailand provide full legal assistance to set up a company in Thailand as well as helping our clients to obtain the proper Licenses, Thai work permit and Thai Visas.


Foreign investors need legal assistance to deal with certain restrictions when doing business in Thailand. Thailand Foreign Business Act B.E. 2542 points out 3 types of business activities and limitations to engage in some business activities and sectors.

Generally speaking, a company with majority of foreign shareholders needs to apply for the Foreign Business License (FBL) if it engages in a restricted business. Our foreign clients need to obtain a “Foreign Business License before starting their business operations.

The criteria to obtain the FBL will be based on advantages and disadvantages to the nation’s safety, economic and social development or security. Our lawyers in Bangkok will prepare the application and the supporting documents on your behalf, and we will liaise with the relevant departments and officers of the Ministry of Commerce and the Department of Business Development.
H&P lawyers in Thailand provide step by step professional legal assistance throughout the application process and guidance to obtain the Foreign Business License.


From basic prenuptial or labor agreements to highly complex cross border contracts to support the business of Software, Fintech, Civil Construction, Trade, Manufacturers, Financial Institutions or Energy corporations, our lawyers in Bangkok have a notable experience structuring commercial contracts, entering and leading multilateral international negotiations, enforcing agreements and preparing comprehensive legal opinions to support the business of our clients.

Not only from the legal point of view but also from the commercial point of view, H&P lawyers in Thailand are trained to protect, defend and secure the interests of our clients in all commercial and non-commercial transactions via contracts or agreements such as:

Joint venture
Sales and purchase
Transfer of technology
Franchise and distributorship
International Trade

Regarding Licenses, our lawyers in Thailand help our clients to comply with Thai Law and obtain the appropriate business license with the correspondent local government department based on the industry and geographical location. H&P legal experts have experience advising on the following licenses behalf our clients: E-Money License, Lending Money License, Construction License, Tourism License, Factory License, FDA License, Hotel License, Import/Export License, Crypto Currency License, Recruitment License, E-Commerce License and School License among many others.


H&P lawyers and legal advisers in Thailand are able to design innovative tax planning not only in Thailand but in a multijurisdictional scale due to our legal practice in other countries.

Our legal experts have been involved in different Thailand Tax issues relating to foreign investment, Excise tax, double taxation treaties, offshore tax structuring of business transactions, ASEAN and third parties free trade agreements.

In the last few years our lawyers in Bangkok have negotiated behalf of our clients, settlements with the Thailand Revenue Department and payment schemes for individuals and companies.

Thailand and ASEAN Tax Law are complex fields; therefore, our lawyers will design tailor tax solutions fitting with the business plans and strategies of our clients.

If you need legal assistance on company registration in Thailand, Foreign Business License, Commercial Contracts, licenses or Tax Law, please contact our Bangkok lawyers at [email protected]

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