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H&P is well known law firm in Thailand for our work in Tax Law for companies and high net worth individuals in Thailand. During the last years, our lawyers and accountants have been able not only to provide support and compliance to businesses in Thailand but to prepare innovative tax plans in Thailand.

Our expertise in Thai Tax Law, especially on double taxation treaties and tax planning allowed us to obtain successful outcomes after negotiations with the Thailand Revenue Department and payment schemes for Thai Tax residents and foreign companies in Thailand.

In the past, we would like to highlight our work with the Thai Excise Department representing the interests of Mexico and the alcohol beverage sector was fully recognized in 2019 as well as our role in the Free Trade Agreement between Thailand and Chile in 2015.

Recently H&P advised on Thai Tax Law and Double Taxation Agreements to an European aerospace company and several high-net-worth individuals with tax residency in Thailand.

In 2022, H&P advised high net worth individuals with residence in Thailand regarding international tax exposure for their Personal Income Tax.

Nowadays, H&P has a Tax and Accounting Department at our Bangkok office that provides full support to our valued clients.

If you need to talk with a Thai Tax Lawyer, please contact us at [email protected]

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