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Notarial Services in Thailand HP Bangkok notaries

Although the regulation and function of notaries in Thailand is different from other civil law jurisdictions, some of our H&P lawyers in Bangkok are also registered notaries with the required notary license under the Lawyer Council of Thailand.

Not all the lawyers in Thailand can notarize documents but H&P has lawyers who are also registered notaries in Thailand. The related regulations is under the Lawyers Council on Registration of Lawyers Who Make Certification of Signatures and Documents, B.E. 2551 (2008).

As Thai notaries, we can notarize a wide number of documents such as contracts, birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, passports, court rulings, Land Department documents, law certificates or legal opinions, criminal records, bank statements proof of address, educational degrees and POA among many others.

Some of the main services we provide as notaries in Thailand are:

  • Certification of public documents and identity of signatories
  • Notarize wills and inheritance documents
  • Witness and notarize signature in documents.

As Thailand is not member of Hague Convention for apostille, documents should be legalized twice and Thai notaries can address problems related to verification, certification and attestation of documents that will need to be used overseas.

On this regard our notaries can notarize, not only public documents, but private documents as well.

If you require notarial services in Thailand, please contact H&P notaries in Bangkok at [email protected]

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