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Thailand is one of the leading economies in ASEAN. Its key geographical situation in the center of ASEAN region and export-oriented economy with exports reaching around 65% of the GDP, makes Thailand a reference and example to follow for other countries in terms of logistics, infrastructures and transportation.

The logistics, infrastructure and transportation sectors will continue exponentially growing in the next decade based on the research studies of international banks and foreign institutions.

To address the challenge of Thailand growth in these key sectors, professional service providers such as H&P Lawyers in Bangkok are key to continuously support the foreign direct investment in projects such as logistic and distribution centers in Thailand.

The reputation of our law firm providing services and advice to transportation and logistics reaches beyond Thailand due to our involvement in projects in Europe, international public tenders and as being invited to be selected speakers at Malaysia Automotive & Supply Chain Summit and Thailand Automotive and Logistics Summit in 2017.

If you need to consult with a law firm on logistic, distribution and transportation in Thailand, please contact our lawyers in Bangkok at [email protected]

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