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Trade and commercial disputes in Thailand HP Bangkok legal experts copy

Trade and commercial disputes are a very important area of law practice of H&P lawyers in Thailand. Some of our lawyers, in addition of the law degree, have specialized in International Trade Law and international dispute resolution at Thai and Foreign institutions.

In the last decade, our law firm in Thailand, have represented dozens of foreign companies and importers, in commercial disputes and breach of contract against Thai companies in sectors such as food, medical, automotive and petrochemicals among many others.

The process of import and export, shipping and buying from a Thai manufacturer can be complex due to several aspects that’s why recommend to consult a Thai Lawyer to ensure your interests are protected and there are zero legal risks in the transactions.

But not only we ensure that the interests of private companies are protected from a contractual point of view, as in 2019, H&P represented successfully a foreign country in negotiations and mediation with the Thai Government in a trade and commercial dispute.

If you need to talk with a law firm in Thailand on a trade and commercial disputes, please contact our lawyers in Bangkok at [email protected]

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