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A Comprehensive Overview of Corporate Tax in Thailand H&P Tax lawyers in Thailand

Companies or businesses operating in Thailand have an obligation to pay corporate tax according to the regulations in order to stay compliant with the law and continue to operate legally. Whether you are a local business owner, an international entrepreneur considering setting up a company in Thailand, or simply curious about how business tax in Thailand works, you are in the right place. Today, we will explore the intricacy of corporate tax in Thailand, presenting an easy-to-understand overview of tax rates, requirements, and tax law in Thailand.

Understanding Corporate Tax in Thailand

Corporate income tax Thailand (CIT) represents a direct tax obligation for juristic entities such as companies, enterprises, and partnerships engaged in business activities within the country. Corporate tax in Thailand also extends to any company incorporated abroad or involved in business outside Thailand but earning specific types of income from within the nation. This tax framework underscores the Thai government’s approach to regulating corporate earnings and ensuring equitable contribution to the national economy.

Entities Considered as a Taxable Person in Thailand

The following entities are obligated to pay corporate income tax:

  1. A Company or Juristic Partnership Incorporated under Thai Law 
    • A company or juristic partnership
    • Limited company
    • Public company limited
  2. Entities Incorporated under Foreign Laws that:
    • Conduct business in Thailand
    • Conduct business in Thailand and in other locations
    • Engage in the carriage of goods or passengers in places including Thailand
    • Have an employee, an agent, or an intermediary conducting business in Thailand, resulting in income or profits within Thailand
    • Receive assessable income under Section 40 (2)(3)(4)(5) or (6) from or in Thailand, without conducting business in Thailand


  3. A business conducting operation in a commercial or profitable manner by a foreign government, an organization of a foreign government, or any other juristic entity established under foreign laws.
  4. Incorporated and unincorporated joint ventures.
  5. A foundation or association engaged in business activities that generate revenue, excluding those specified in Section 47 (7)(b).
  6. A juristic person recognized as a company or juristic partnership by the Minister and approved by the Royal Thai Government Gazette

What is the Corporate Tax Rate in Thailand?

The tax law in Thailand regulates a standard rate for corporate tax at 20% on net profit. However, this rate varies based on the type of taxpayer.

  • Small Company – A small company refers to any company whose paid-up capital is below 5 THB at the conclusion of each accounting period. For such companies, the tax rate applied depends on their net profit:
  • A 15% tax rate applies to net profits ranging from 300,000 THB up to 3 million THB.
  • Net profits exceeding 3 million THB are taxed at a standard rate of 20%.
  • Companies listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) – Subject to a 20% corporate income tax rate, based on net profit.
  • Companies newly listed in the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) – Subject to a 20% corporate income tax rate, based on net profit.
  • Banks deriving profits from International Banking Facilities (IBF) –  Subject to a 10% corporate income tax rate, based on net profit.
  • Foreign companies engaging in international transportation – Subject to a 10% corporate income tax rate, based on gross receipts.
  • Foreign companies not carrying on business in Thailand but receiving dividends from Thailand – Subject to a 10% corporate income tax rate, based on gross receipts.
  • Foreign companies not carrying on business in Thailand receiving other types of income apart from dividends from Thailand – Subject to a 15% corporate income tax rate, based on gross receipts.
  • Foreign companies disposing profit out of Thailand – Subject to a 15% corporate income tax rate, based on the amount disposed of.
  • Profitable associations and foundations – Subject to a 15% corporate income tax rate, based on gross receipts.

Withholding Tax in Thailand

In Thailand, withholding tax is applied to specific types of income paid to the companies, with rates varying based on the income type and recipient’s tax status. The entity disbursing the income must file a return (Form CIT 53) and remit the withheld tax to the District Revenue Offices within 7 days after the month of payment. This withheld amount is credited against the taxpayer’s final tax liability. Below are the withholding tax rates for key income categories:

  • Dividends – 10%
  • Interest – 1%
  • Royalties – 3%
  • Advertising Fees – 2%
  • Service and professional fees – 3% if paid to a Thai company or a foreign company having a permanent branch in Thailand, and 5% if paid to a foreign company not having a permanent branch in Thailand.
  • Prizes – 5%

File a Tax Return and Payment in Thailand


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Thai and foreign companies engaged in business activities within Thailand must adhere to the following tax filing and payment procedures:


  • Annual Tax Return Filing

Companies are mandated to file their tax returns (Form CIT 50) within 150 days following the end of their accounting periods. The tax payment should be made concurrently with the submission of tax returns.

  • Tax on Profit Disposal

Companies that transfer funds representing profits outside of Thailand must pay tax on the disposed amount. This tax must be paid within seven days from the disposal date, using Form CIT 54.

  • Tax Prepayment

Companies subject to corporate income tax in Thailand (CIT) on net profits are required to estimate their annual net profit and corresponding tax liability. They must prepay half of the estimated tax amount within 2 months following the first six months of their accounting period, using Form CIT 51. This prepaid tax will be credited against the company’s annual tax liability.

  • Taxation of Foreign Companies Not Operating in Thailand

Foreign companies that do not conduct business in Thailand but receive income from the country are taxed at a flat rate. The income payer is responsible for withholding tax at the time of payment and must file a tax return (Form CIT 54) and remit the payment to the Revenue Department within 7 days of the month following the payment.

Navigating Corporate Tax in Thailand

Filing corporate taxes in Thailand is an essential annual task that requires precision and punctuality. Thanks to the advent of electronic filing, compliance has become more manageable than ever. However, the journey to tax compliance is not without its challenges, including the risks of missing deadlines or submitting inaccurate filings. Awareness of these common errors is crucial to avoiding potential penalties.

In certain cases, the complexity of the business tax in Thailand necessitates expert guidance. Seeking consultation from a distinguished law firm in Bangkok can offer customized advice, ensuring that your business not only adheres to Thai tax regulations but also optimizes financial efficiency. This strategic approach can help navigate the intricacies of tax laws, providing peace of mind and contributing to the overall success of your business.

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