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Thailand Tax update January 2024 H&P Tax law firm in Bangkok

H&P Tax lawyers in Thailand would like to share a new legal update for January 2024 as there was an official announcement from the Revenue Department regarding the personal income tax allowance not exceeding 50,000 THB. This new tax announcement of 2024 is called “Easy E-Receipt.”

The Easy e-Receipt is a tax reduction measure issued by the Thai government, to stimulate the purchasing power of tax residents (Thai and foreigners who spend more than 180 days per year in Thailand) by helping to reduce taxes for individuals.

Under the tax refund scheme, individuals can receive a tax deduction of up to 50,000 THB for the purchase of goods and services from business operators backed by the E-Tax Invoice & E-Receipt system of the Revenue Department.

Conditions and eligibility for Easy E-Receipt measures 

1) Thai Tax resident and liable for Personal Tax income

2) Purchasing goods or receiving services in the Kingdom of Thailand with Value Added Tax (VAT) by registered entrepreneurs, according to the amount paid, but not more than 50,000 THB

3) There Should be a full tax invoice in electronic form through the Revenue Department’s E-Tax Invoice & E-Receipt system.

New Tax Incentive Program

Document Requirement

A full-format electronic tax invoice from the Revenue Department’s system

Participating Retailers:

-Stores displaying the “Easy E-Receipt” sign

-Eligible OTOP stores

Eligibility Criteria:

Individual income taxpayers, but excludes ordinary partnerships or juristic persons (companies)

Qualifying Purchase Period:

-From 1st of January 2024 to 15th of February 2024

Spending Cap for Tax Benefits:

-Based on the actual amount paid, up to a maximum of THB 50,000

Exclusion of the EASY E-RECEIPT Program

Non-eligible Products and Services:

-Alcohol, Beer, Wine, and Tobacco

-Cars, Motorcycles, Boats

-Fuel and Gas for vehicles

-Water, Electricity, Telephone, and internet service charges

-Services with agreements outside the initiative’s specified period

Not included in the eligible expenses

-Physical and Electronics versions of Books, Newspapers, and Magazines

Regarding purchases up to THB 50,000, the taxpayer will get a refund as follows:

Net income (THB) Tax rate Purchase up to 50,000, refund as (THB) Purchase up to 10,000, refund as (THB)
0-150,000 waived 0 0
150,000-300,000 5 % 2,500 500
300,001-500,000 10 % 5,000 1,000
500,001-750,000 15 % 7,500 1,500
750,001-1,000,000 20 % 10,000 2,000
1,000,001-2,000,000 25 % 12,500 2,500
2,000,001-5,000,000 30 % 15,000 3,000
>5,000,000 35 % 17,500 3,500

The refund of the tax deduction depends on the tax rate that the individual pays.

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