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Legal Update Thailand’s new medical visa for 2023 Immigration Lawyers in Bangkok 1

H&P Lawyers in Bangkok would like to share the updates regarding the new medical tourist visa to be effective from January 2023.

There were many expectations on this visa and Bumrungrad International Hospital and Bangkok Dusit Medical Services were among the operators promoting the new program.

This one-year medical tourist visas will only have a cost of 5,000 THB and will allow the visa holder to travel in and out of Thailand.

The Medical visa holder will be allowed to stay in Thailand for a maximum of only 90 days per each visit

The Medical visa will not be available for patients needing continuous treatment for more than 90 days

The applicants must provide proof of a hospital appointment, health insurance, and sufficient financial resources for treatments (covering a minimum of THB 800,000) when applying for the visa.

The hospital will have to provide an outline of the applicant’s treatment plan and also an estimate of the expenses.

The medical visa is for applicants including those seeking treatments for cancer, cardiovascular disease, organ transplants, anti-aging treatments, and cosmetic surgery. These visas may be extended beyond one year if medical certificates are provided.

The medical visa can include three immediate family members without having to satisfy additional financial requirements.

If you need to consult a lawyer in Bangkok on the new medical visa for Thailand, please contact our lawyers at [email protected]

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