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Internship opportunities for law students HP Law career in Thailand

H&P realizes that any law firm’s most valuable assets is its own people. Hence, we are always looking for the best professionals to join us and contribute to the development of our law firm in Thailand.

In 2021 we attended our first Law Firm Career and Internship Fair 2021 invited by Thammasat University and in 2022 we started to accept our first interns from this university.

Nowadays H&P is engaged to support equal opportunities and we are now, on December 2022, open to accept internship applications from all the Law Faculties of Thailand.

If you are interested in H&P internship opportunities for a career in the legal services sector in Thailand, please kindly send us the following supporting documents for your internship application:

-Cover letter
-Resume or CV
-Copy of your Bachelor Degree
-Additional Law and business diplomas
-Proof of English language professional proficiency

Please send your application on a strictly confidential basis to us at [email protected]

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