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Iurisgal signs a cooperation agreement in Hengqin H&P International law firm in Thailand

Hengqin Development Limited Liability Company, the State-Owned Company responsible for Hengqin, and Iurisgal, an International Network of independent Law Firms, have signed today a cooperation agreement.

Hengqin Development Limited Liability Company was represented by its Vice President Liu Yang and Iurisgal was represented by Bruno Nunes of BN Lawyers, a Law Firm with offices in Macau and Portugal, and Mireia Paulo, Director of the European-American Market and Overseas Investment Projects of A&Z Law firm with headquarters in Shanghai.

The unique geographical position of Hengqin Free Trade Zone endows it with an unparalleled mission, which is adhering to the strategic orientation of the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Deep Cooperation Demonstration Zone, and creating a free trade pilot zone that integrates with Macao and is in line with the world.

On the basis of “The Belt and Road” strategy and relying on the industrial and political advantages of Hengqin Free Trade Zone, both Parties are committed to deepening the cooperation between China and the Americas (Latin American countries), aimed at building the Hengqin Free Trade Zone into an economic and trade platform for China and Americas. In order to enhance mutual understanding, strengthen and diversify cooperation in the fields of economy, trade and technology.

H&P represents the network of Iurisgal in Thailand since 2019.

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