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Updates in 2019 and legal representation against a presumed fraud case of investments in Cryptocurrency Mining in Thailand H&P leading law firm in Bangkok

On June 2019, our law firm H&P has been appointed to represent a large number of clients in a presumed fraud case related to investment in cryptocurrency and digital assets in Thailand at the Court of Justice in Thailand.

A well-known Thai cloud mining company was guarantying a high profit in exchange of investments to almost 1 million users worldwide. The Thai company required a small investment to register in the system and contracts from one month to more than one decade and offered a more than significant ROI and a referral fee in case the user introduced another investor to the Thai company. As a matter of fact, the Thai crypto mining company behaved with a pyramidal structure based on a referral system of new users.

Investment in crypto currencies can be a very lucrative investment, nevertheless we strongly advice to conduct legal due diligences to distinguish real crypto mining providers with fraudsters before investing money.

Since 2018 our lawyers have been advising many victims of this crypto mining scam coming from different countries and the first court proceedings will start shortly.

If you require legal representation to recover your investment in crypto currency and Bitcoin in Thailand, please contact our lawyers in Bangkok at [email protected]

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