H&P business law consultants in Bangkok have tight connections with the senior management, CFO and CEO of manufacturing plants in Thailand main industrial areas of Chachoengsao, Rayong or Chonburi. Our connection and local knowledge of the factories of the Eastern Economic Corridor have helped many of our clients in the sectors of automotive, rubber, aerospace, chemicals and pharmaceutical. Some of our main services include:

Market entry and trade barriers
Permanent representation in Thailand and ASEAN
Business Development
Securing Cross border trade transactions
Comparative studies
Sector analysis
Regulatory Memorandums

Due to the previous experience of H&P consultants working in house for several multinationals, we have gained a notable experience in both: business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C). This is extremely useful for foreign companies looking for exporting, importing, identifying partners and successfully establishing business in Thailand and other South East Asian markets.


H&P lawyers in Thailand have a deep understanding on project finance law, knowledge on local business practices in Thailand and keep tight connections with financial hubs such as Hong Kong and Singapore. We advise on legal matters to public listed companies regarding the process of borrowing and lending money for commercial projects inbound and outbound South-East Asia.

Our practice goes beyond the strategic business guidance to a more proactive attitude advising on hospitality, logistic, energy and mining projects in Asia for our foreign clients and outside Asia mainly for our Thai clients. In the last 5 years we have advised on multiple acquisition and secure on project finance operations to public listed companies, corporations and banks. In fact, our Thai lawyers have worked in the past with some of the largest commercial and development banks in Asia and Europe in cross border transactions and international projects.

Our reputation is the reason why our Foreign and Asian clients trust our project finance practice as we are always capable to provide tailored solutions involving multiple jurisdictions and disciplines.


Our law firm in Thailand, H&P, have experience in public and administrative law proceedings such as local and international tenders, bids, PPP and public procurement in the areas of telecommunication, construction, energy, medical supply and infrastructures among others.

H&P provide our expertise to support our clients’ bids from different stages such as planning, TOR phase, negotiation, short-listing, contract award and contract management. Some of our lawyers come directly from legal department of multinationals and are quite familiar with public proceedings and tenders in Thailand and South-East Asia.

Our team of lawyers in Thailand will work for you preparing all the documentation to support your application to obtain public contracts and will liaise with the different relevant departments to protect your interests in the competitive tendering or Public-Private-Partnerships.

In the last few years our lawyers in Bangkok also have gained experience on representing foreign government agencies in Thailand to defend the interests on commercial, investment and key business sectors with the Government of Thailand.


Our lawyers in Bangkok are highly qualified from different Bar or Lawyers and well trained to provide professional services that suit with your expectations about a multi-disciplinary and multi-jurisdictional law firm such as H&P. Our team of lawyers from our office in Bangkok will be able to ensure the compliance of your business project in Thailand and ASEAN region and will provide you the “know how” through complex regulations and different markets.

On the other hand, in Thailand and South-East Asia in general, the know-how is as important as the know-who in order to conduct business. Most of the law firms only provide the know-how but in H&P we build solid long-term relationships with the top decision makers, something that is a priceless asset for our clients. Some of our services include:

Introductory Meetings
Strategic counseling
Seminars and Networking events
Liaison with key decision makers
Sectorial summits

H&P is much more than a simple Public Relations company, but provide business intelligence to our clients in addition to the know-how. This makes the difference with other legal services providers in Thailand and is one of the reasons why our portfolio of clients grows every year.

If you require our services on public procurement with the Government of Thailand, project finance or market research, please contact our Thai lawyers at [email protected]